Not Sure What To Do? Stop Your Whining. Treat Yourself to Delicious, Nelson-style Dining.

Marzano is a modern Italian Pizzeria & Wine Bar that uses fresh, non GMO ingredients. They trained under one of the most revered, legendary pizzaiolas, Enzo Coccia.

Growing a wide variety of produce and mushrooms, the Pitchfork team strives on using the best, freshest and locally sourced ingredients 

Red light Ramen Bar is a seasonal farm to table restaurant and bar offering ramen, bone broth, small plates, deserts, sake and apothecary style cocktails.

Relish Bistro’s designated Red Seal Chef Trevor Ditzel offers up modern and affordable gourmet cuisine ranging from West Coast fare to heart-warming, belly-filling comfort food.

Loka is the Sanskrit word for World. Drop by and sample sumptuous Middle Eastern & Mediterranean inspired food as well as unique Handcrafted Cocktails.

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